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2 Vets Arms Carbine Home Defense

2 Vets Arms Carbine Home Defense AAR

Last weekend I attended the inaugural Carbine Home Defense class by 2 Vets Arms in the Houston, TX area. The class, which was born from a late night conversation I had with Dean Brandly, was geared towards defending your home with a semiautomatic rifle, but nearly all of the instruction we received translates to other weapon […]

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2 Vets Arms

Carbine Home Defense

If you’re like me, the subject of home defense is important to you. I was talking to my buddy Dean from 2 Vets Arms a while back about this very topic (learning a lot as usual) when I asked him if he would consider teaching a course on home defense tactics and fundamentals. After some deliberation, […]

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Guns in Kids’ Bedroom

If you haven’t heard by now, Rob Pincus from I.C.E. Training caused quite the stir among the anti-gun crowd recently. Rob was one of the featured speakers at the 142nd NRA Annual Meeting in Houston last weekend, where he spoke on home defense. In his talk, he made the unusual suggestion that if you have kids […]

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