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Dom Raso - Dynamis Alliance

Knee-Jerk Reactions

In the latest NRA News video, Dom Raso from Dynamis Alliance talks about the overzealous media and their tendency to react to tragedy rather than report the story. (more…)

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The NRA’s National School Shield Plan Works

If you recall, following the Sandy Hook shooting, the NRA came out with a proposal to make schools safer called The National School Shield. The National School Shield program is multifaceted, but calls for a trained, armed officer at every school. The NRA’s plan has been ridiculed by virtually everyone on the left and labeled […]

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The Logic of Violence

Is violence logical? Right on cue, Billy’s first NRA News video has been released, and it’s a good one. In it, he discusses the logic of violence, and brings up some interesting points not often discussed. (more…)

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Billy Johnson Joins NRA News

Billy Johnson, the owner of Boxer Tactical and the AmidsTheNoise YouTube channel announced today that he has joined the NRA News team as a commentator. Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this announcement for quite a while. I think Billy is going to bring a completely different perspective to the NRA with the ability to […]

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Frontlines Special Report: Boston

NRA Life of Duty is a network that serves and supports individuals who go to work protecting and defending the safety of the American people. Yesterday they put out a special report on the Boston Marathon bombing that highlighted some of the heroism shown by first responders and military veterans in the wake of the […]

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Senate Rejects Gun Control

Today the Senate rejected gun control, and in a big way. Several gun control proposals failed today, including amendments that would have banned standard capacity magazines, increased background checks, taken guns away from Veterans, and banned virtually every semi-automatic firearm. (more…)

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