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Spartan Village Kydex Holster

Taking Higher Education Back to School

Warning: This article will require the reader to actually read it in full and watch pertinent, supplied information. Critical thinking is advised. The Big Picture We live in a pretty scary world. Not because of ghouls, goblins, ISIS, or gangs, but because of a far more imbedded threat to the freedom of the American public. […]

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The Glock 43 and Hurt Feelings

Aaron is gonna hurt some feelings with this one. My opinion, where the Glock 43 makes the most sense is when carrying in non-permissive environments. If absolute concealment is vital, for whatever reason, then the Glock 43 is a better choice over the Glock 26 in some cases and for some people. And Speedo carry. […]

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Iron Forged Concepts SARA

In recent years, advancements in helmet technology for tactical applications have shown tremendous progress.  Instead of having to strap a Kevlar bucket to your head and having it flop around, putting stress on your neck, we have helmets like the Ops-Core FAST helmet or the AirFrame by Crye Precision.  These helmets are lightweight, stable, and […]

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I was disappointed recently when reading an article promoted by pro-gun people about a conceal carry permit holder and how he saved the day.  The saving the day part is fine; it’s wonderful.  The fact that the concealed carrier admitted he never had any intention of pressing the trigger to stop the bad guys is […]

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Sage Dynamics/Primary Weapons Systems SD-1

Sage Dynamics today announced the SD-1 carbine made by Primary Weapon Systems. Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) is best known for their long-stroke piston system, but recently broke into the DI world with the Modern Musket line, and now expands their DI offerings with the SD-1. The SD-1 was spec’d by Aaron Cowan for “for reliability, […]

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BFT01-G Tactical Tomahawk

It seems like forever ago that I did my first Hardcore Hardware tool review; running their LFT01 Tomahawk through its paces and finding that HHA knows how to make a tomahawk.  Since then I’ve abused a few of their fixed blade knives and continue to be impressed by their durability and quality.  Well, HHA sent […]

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Gun Craft Krypto

The search for the perfect holster never ends.  I think this is very true because the idea of the perfect holster is different for everyone based on needs, wants, body type, firearm and method of carry (to name a few differences).  I find myself always looking for the next best thing, even though everything that […]

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The Camera as a Witness?

[Part 3 of the post-Ferguson series] We each only get a piece of the elephant. – Massad Ayoob Ask anyone who works in the judicial system and they’ll tell you that witness testimony is completely unreliable. People rarely see what they think they see and are prone to filling in the gaps where memory fails […]

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Beacon: Waterproof, Solar Powered Survival Device

From the co-founder of Smith & Bradley watches comes a really cool new product aimed at the survival/preparedness market, and it’s called the Beacon. The Beacon is a solar-powered, rechargeable, waterproof, and crush-proof case for electronic devices. The Beacon is currently up on Kickstarter, and I’m really looking forward to it hitting the market this […]

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Closed Minds Hurt Freedom

I’m all for individual liberty but… I love it when a self-proclaimed freedom-lover makes a statement like that.  I love it because it immediately tells me that they in fact are not someone who loves freedom; they just love the idea of THEIR freedom and that of like-minded folks. Sadly, we are seeing lots of […]

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