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Rifle Sling Management and Shoulder Transitions

Aaron covers rifle sling use, management, and gives advice on sling slack conditions for optimal use both for shoulder-to-shoulder transitions and transitions to a secondary weapon. Nice shirt, too. Train with Sage Dynamics.

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It’s Not Personal – Police and You

In our world there is a drive to see things either one way or the opposite way. Issues are presented only as left/right, up/down, or black/white. We’re inundated with pressure to choose a side and then defend that side no matter how ridiculous the argument becomes. However, when we are honest about most subjects we […]

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Problem Solving

Combat, be it shooting or hand to hand combat, is an exercise in problem solving.  Many times training as shooters is confined by where we live legally, resources, or an indoor range.  Indoor ranges are minefields of poor training, from one round a second rules to not being able to draw from the holster.  Many […]

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Austin, TX Police Chief: Turn in Gun Enthusiasts

Austin, TX Police Chief Art Acevedo spoke recently at a press conference about a shooting that happened in downtown Austin, TX, and what he said might leave you scratching your head. In case you missed it, here’s what happened. According to My Fox Austin, Larry Steven McQuilliams went on a shooting rampage in Austin on […]

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Rifle Dynamics 3 Day AK Builder Class AAR

A few weekends ago I was able to attend the Rifle Dynamics AK Builder class in Tulsa, OK. I purchased the class as an early Christmas gift for my girlfriend. She’s helped me build a few AR’s, and said she wanted to build her own rifle from the ground up. I’ve wanted a Rifle Dynamics […]

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Texas Custom Guns AR-15s

It seems like there are more and more companies diving into the AR-15 market these days. This is great for consumers because we have more choices and competition drives each company to make sure they are making quality products for us at competitive prices. The problem comes with choosing which rifle to buy. If you […]

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CMMG Announces the MK47 AR/AK

CMMG announced a new rifle today called the MK47 Mutant, an AR/AK hybrid system. And by hybrid, I mean that it fires the 7.62×39 round and takes AK mags, but uses the AR direct impingement gas system with a .308 sized bolt. From Facebook: CMMG is proud to announce the arrival of the Mk47. This […]

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2 Vets Arms Covert Pack Sale

I don’t plan on doing a lot of Black Friday sales posts, mainly because there are already a lot of places out there to find that information (check out AR15 News and Soldier Systems), but here’s one you might have missed. 2 Vets Arms is having a killer sale on their excellent Covert Pack. For […]

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AR-15 Muzzle Brake Shootout – 35 Muzzle Devices Tested

TTAG writer Jeremy published a great recoil test a few days ago where he compared the recoil on 35 popular muzzle device options. Recoil testing 35 different muzzle devices for .223/5.56 rifles to find which one reduces recoil the most! Also, muzzle rise / movement and muzzle flash are compared on the slow-mo footage. You […]

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Ferguson – A Portent of Things to Come

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you know that the grand jury in Ferguson declined to indict Officer Daren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting, and that rioting, looting and burning began immediately thereafter. How bad it will get and how far the violence will spread is anyone’s guess, […]

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