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The New Ruger LC9s

Ruger just announced a new pistol, the LC9s, a striker-fired version of the subcompact LC9. My buddy Ebbs from Haus of Guns got an early sample of the LC9s, and overall, he liked the improvements: The brand new redo on the original LC9, the LC9S now has a striker fired mechanism with a “safe action” […]

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Chilling Interview a Border Patrol Agent

Unless you’re not paying attention at all, you know of the crisis going on right now on our southern border. What you might now know, however, is just how bad it is. The interview below is with a man named Zack Taylor, a 26 year veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol and the founder of […]

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DC Handgun Ruling Follow-Up

Washington D.C. Police Chief, Cathy Lanier released a memo in response to the recent decision on Palmer v. District of Columbia. It appears that DC police will, at least for now, treat handgun carry differently depending on where you live. Washington D.C. Police Chief, Cathy Lanier released the following memo yesterday in response to the […]

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DPx Gear Introduces the DPx HIT Cutter

DPx Gear announced a new product today, a fixed-blade carabiner knife that has no sheath. I’ve definitely never seen a knife like this before. Press Release DPx Gear®   Introduces the DPx HIT Cutter The Carabiner-Carry Knife That Never Needs a Sheath SAN DIEGO, CA – July 28, 2014 - Robert Young Pelton, founder of DPx […]

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Federal Court: Florida Docs Can’t Ask About Guns

Ever since the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) passed, I’ve heard stories of doctors asking patients about guns in the home. There’s been some confusion about whether or not this practice is legal under federal law, due to the fact that initial drafts of Obamacare contained language that was later revised in Senate amendment 3276, Sec. […]

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FBI Solicitation for 9mm Pistols

Queue round 7,252,993 of the caliber wars, because the FBI seems to be switching from .40 S&W to 9mm. According to this solicitation on the Federal Business Opportunities site, the FBI is looking for “various commercial ‘OFF THE SHELF’ semi-automatic pistols chambered to fire a 9mm Luger cartridge.” Additionally, the FBI is interested in multiple […]

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Glock 19 with Monderno mag plates and slide back plate

Federal Judge Rules DC Ban on Handguns Unconstitutional

Good news folks – today a federal judge overturned Washington D.C.’s ban on carrying handguns outside the home, ruling that the ban is unconstitutional. “There is no longer any basis on which this Court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional […]

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Everyone Gets a Gun

Everyone gets a gun, and the big red clown shoes of the progressive, anti-gun left. A few days ago, the NRA released a new video from commentator Billy Johnson (Amidst The Noise) called Everyone Gets a Gun, which caused the progressive, anti-gun left to immediately have a collective conniption (see exhibits A, B, C). Now […]

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Keeper’s Concealement AIWB Holster

Appendix Carry seems to be an extremely popular method of concealed carry these days. Various brands are now available in lieu of the “need” and “want” for a comfortable and quality holster. Unfortunately, this method of carry is variable to each person when compared to traditional strong-side carry. Everyone’s body is built differently and therefore […]

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S.P.E.A.R. System

Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Systems joins Dom in Media Lab to discuss the physiology of and your body’s natural reactions to sudden violence. Tony pioneered what is known as the S.P.E.A.R. System, a “behaviorally researched, close quarter personal defense method that utilizes the body’s natural flinches and reactions to fear or violence and then […]

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