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Canik TP9SA

I should start out by noting that when it comes to carry, I choose Glock. We can argue over and back again, but my experience has brought me to this position after a long (and expensive) road. You most likely won’t change my mind, and after this, I probably won’t change yours. What is important […]

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Rebel Arms Lightning Mod II

Rebel Arms is pretty new to the AR market, but from what I’ve seen, they are putting out some awesome rifles. A few months ago, I got to play around with an early sample of the Raptor Elite pistol and was very impressed. Check out Cowan’s review of the Lightning Mod II below. If you’re […]

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Larry Vickers Bans Appendix Carry in His Classes

For those of you considering taking a class with Larry Vickers in the future, heads up. LAV announced over the weekend that he will no longer allow appendix carry holsters in his classes. I’m sure some of you will think this is a great decision and others will not – whatever side of the fence […]

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Does Your Pastor Carry a Gun?

This one does. I like the Viking Preparedness YouTube channel – I of course don’t always agree with Pastor Joe (obligatory disclaimer), but he has a lot of knowledge and he shares it for free on his channel, covering many different topics from current events to all things preparedness. On the topic above, church carry, […]

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How To Build A Thermal Evasion Suit

Oath Keepers has teamed up with Brandon Smith from Alt-Market to show you how to build a thermal evasion suit. For those interested, this seems to be the key material, Radiant Barrier, that was used in the construction of the suit. You can read more over at Oath Keepers, where they cover some frequently asked […]

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The Fallacy of Equal Force

What a wonderful world we live in; not too many years ago, the internet still loaded slowly, YouTube was barely a noun and cell phones were not the portable recording powerhouses they are today.  Law enforcement videos were dashcam or nothing and the cases involving use of force were often witness point of view only.  […]

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Spartan Village Kydex Holster

Taking Higher Education Back to School

Warning: This article will require the reader to actually read it in full and watch pertinent, supplied information. Critical thinking is advised. The Big Picture We live in a pretty scary world. Not because of ghouls, goblins, ISIS, or gangs, but because of a far more imbedded threat to the freedom of the American public. […]

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The Glock 43 and Hurt Feelings

Aaron is gonna hurt some feelings with this one. My opinion, where the Glock 43 makes the most sense is when carrying in non-permissive environments. If absolute concealment is vital, for whatever reason, then the Glock 43 is a better choice over the Glock 26 in some cases and for some people. And Speedo carry. […]

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Iron Forged Concepts SARA

In recent years, advancements in helmet technology for tactical applications have shown tremendous progress.  Instead of having to strap a Kevlar bucket to your head and having it flop around, putting stress on your neck, we have helmets like the Ops-Core FAST helmet or the AirFrame by Crye Precision.  These helmets are lightweight, stable, and […]

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I was disappointed recently when reading an article promoted by pro-gun people about a conceal carry permit holder and how he saved the day.  The saving the day part is fine; it’s wonderful.  The fact that the concealed carrier admitted he never had any intention of pressing the trigger to stop the bad guys is […]

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