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Owning the Ground You Stand On

One of our shirts has been a big student favorite (shown here) and many have asked me, “Matt, what does it means to own the ground you stand on?” The back is comprised of two images – the phrase and the image. The image is of a drawing by Giovanni Borelli from his work De […]

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Beyond Razor Sharp by MT Knives

My friend Patrick over at MT Knives recently released his new instructional video on sharpening called Beyond Razor Sharp, and he was kind enough to pass along a discount for Monderno readers. Beyond Razor Sharp started off as a DVD Kickstarter project, and is now available as a digital download for $21, on sale for […]

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Appallingly Bad Fox News Report on Gun Used in Brown Shooting

The “expert analysis” with regards to firearms (ok, it’s not just firearms, but we’re going to focus on firearms for this discussion) found on major news outlets is, in most cases, awful. This includes Fox News. It’s no secret that most folks in the pro-gun movement tend to lean Republican, and who can blame them? […]

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S3F Solutions MK-601

One of the allures of the AR15 design is the relative ease to which you can swap out the upper receiver.  Having a quality lower receiver is important, but for most purposes you only need one and then it’s as easy as pushing two pins, maybe changing out the buffer spring and buffer and suddenly […]

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NRA – Good Guys

A few months ago, the NRA launched their Good Guys campaign to highlight the virtues that once made America the greatest country the world has ever known. Yesterday, they expanded on that campaign in a big way. So far, Good Guys looks to be an 11 part series, with each video focusing on a topic […]

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UF Pro RAL 7013 Brown Grey

UF Pro recently added a new color to the gear lineup – Brown Grey. So what is Brown Grey? Besides combining two of my favorite colors… In use for more than a century, the RAL 7013 Brown Grey colour has proven to be one of the most versatile colors for a wide range of operational […]

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Bullets for Boots

You’ve no doubt heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, especially if you’ve spent any amount of time on Facespace in the past two weeks. Now while that’s all fine and dandy, and financially supporting ALS research is a worthy cause, Matt DeVito from Down Range Firearms Training has a new “challenge” for you […]

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Trek’s Trek Episode 1

The start of Trek’s Trek, the ride to honor Brian Terry, quickly approaches. In Episode 1 of Trek’s Trek, a mini-series of sorts that will chronicle the ride, Trek joins Doug at ATEi to talk about how easy it is to donate to the Brian Terry Foundation. At the end of the video, Trek “fixes” […]

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Law Tactical Gen 3 AR Folding Stock Adapter

In case you missed it, Gear Scout recently got an exclusive first look at the Law Tactical Gen 3 AR Folding Stock Adapter (FSA), and it sounds like Law Tactical has made several improvements over Gen 2. The biggest criticism I’ve heard about the Gen 2 adapter is that when folded, the rifle became inoperable. […]

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BulletSafe Level 3A Soft Body Armor

BulletSafe makes a relatively lightweight NIJ Level 3A soft armor vest that they say stops handgun calibers up to a .44 Magnum. The best part is the price – $299. But does it work? The folks over at Guns & Tactics aren’t just pretty faces wearing cute matching shirts, they actually test products like the […]

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