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Florida Murder-Suicide: Get Ready for the Gun Control Rhetoric

A horrific tragedy struck Bell, Florida today: police say a grandfather, Don C. Spirit, shot and killed his daughter and her six children before committing suicide when cops arrived on the scene. No word yet on what type of gun was used, but in “never let a crisis go to waste” form, expect the Democrats […]

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Shellback Tactical Banshee in Operator Grey

The Shellback Tactical Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier is now available in “operator grey” for those of you who like the grey trend that we’ve seen lately in tactical gear. The Shellback Tactical Banshee is an excellent low profile plate carrier that now comes in new colors and is even lighter than the version I own. […]

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Shadow Valley Weapons Supports the Brian Terry Foundation

As I type this, day 4 of Trek’s Trek is well underway, as Trek continues his journey for the Brian Terry Foundation. We’ve seen a lot of people step up and support the foundation in many unique ways besides monetary donations – enter Shadow Valley Weapons out of Hereford, AZ. In effort to promote the […]

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CMT Tactical, photo by Triple Bravo

Machine your own AR-15 Receiver Class

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to machine your own AR-15 receivers, check this out. CMT Tactical, makers of amazing billet AR-15 receivers, are offering a class in November where they will teach you just that. MACHINE YOUR OWN AR 15 RECEIVER EXPERIENCE CLASS  Friday November 14th 2014 7:30AM until approximately 5:00pm Class Cost […]

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MS Clean Gen 2 Rifle Cleaning Kit

The guys over at Breach Bang Clear recently managed to stop screwing around for more than 10 minutes in order to talk about the Gen 2 Cleaning Kit from MS Clean. If you’re not familiar with MS Clean, they make a pretty cool cleaning kit that comes in the shape of a magazine. Former Marine […]

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Unity Tactical ATOM

Handguns are the staple self-defense tool for nearly every single person reading this article. As much as we may want to have a rifle on hand in the event of an attack, it’s impractical and unlikely. Because of this, handgun technology has continued to improve at a steady pace, ammunition, metals and polymers, sights, triggers, […]

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Welcome CMT Tactical

Today we formally welcome CMT Tactical to Monderno. CMT is a family owned machine shop that makes some really awesome billet receivers in several different calibers. Building an AR? Check out CMT Tactical on the web, Facebook and Instagram.

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Trek’s Trek Launched

For those of you who aren’t following along on Facebook, Trek departed this morning from Flat Rock, MI on his 2,000 mile, 30 day bike trip for the Brian Terry Foundation (catch up on the back story here). You can use the Trek Tracker page to keep track of Trek’s progress, where I will post […]

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Fenix LD02 Mini EDC Flashlight

I have way too many flashlights (wait, I mean not nearly enough flashlights) from a lot of great companies: SureFire, Streamlight, Elzetta, Fenix, etc. If you’re a fan of lights, there’s no shortage of options these days. I seem to have a particular weakness for small, lightweight flashlights for EDC. Lights that are small enough […]

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