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HSP D3 Carrier by G-Code

G-Code HSP D3 Carrier System

An All-Encompassing Ammunition Accoutrement The G-Code and Haley Strategic Partners (HSP) D3 Carrier System collaboration, at its core, is a group of highly modular ammunition carrying equipment capable of being transformed for multiple roles and environments and adapting to the end user’s requirements. 

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New Product from HSP / G-Code?

Last week the folks at Haley Strategic released a photo on their Facebook page that seemed to show Travis running a new/custom holster system in the upper thigh area. Check out the photo below, click for a larger version.

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The Lumen Debate

Back in April I talked about the great ammo debate and how bigger does not always equal better.  Today I am going to jump into another debate of a similar comparison, only this time I am talking lumens and flashlights and not caliber choice.

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Haley Strategic D3CR

This past weekend, I traveled down to Houston and had the pleasure of hanging out with some good friends at the inaugural Carbine Home Defense class by 2 Vets Arms. In planning for the weekend, I had two main goals in mind. Goal #1 was to train with and gain some great insight from the folks at 2 Vets […]

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The folks over at G-Code are known for making some of the most modular and unique Kydex holsters in the solar system, but up until recently, they didn’t offer many concealment options outside of a pocket holster and IWB adapter. That all changed when they introduced the INCOG.

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Haley Strategic/BCM Jack Carbine

Last night we found out about the much rumored Jack Carbine, which is an AR collaboration between Haley Strategic and Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM). This carbine has been whispered about for a while now, and is now confirmed. Although I haven’t handled the Jack Carbine as of yet, I feel pretty safe saying that there’s […]

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Haley Strategic Troubleshooter Cap

I’m constantly on the lookout for new baseball caps to try, both because I love them, and because I hate them. I love them for obvious reasons, but I hate them because they usually don’t fit/look right on my dome. It’s really not my fault… Enter the recently released Haley Strategic Troubleshooter Cap. When I saw […]

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