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Gun Belts and Concealed Carry

A good belt is not the same as a good gun belt. If you’ve been carrying for very long, you’ve probably discovered that your belt can make or break your experience. The reason for this is simple: most belts aren’t stiff enough to hold the weight of a gun and holster, let alone the added […]

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Concealed Carry Draw

When drawing from concealment, there are primarily two methods taught: two handed grab and one handed grab. The video below by cory07ink gives a great demonstration of both techniques. In the video, Cory explains why he prefers the one handed grab over the two handed grab, but stresses that the main thing to do is practice your […]

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Bill Kramer Carries Glock 26 in Assembly

In November of 2011, Wisconsin became the 49th state in the United States to issue concealed carry permits to its citizens, leaving only Illinois where the right to keep and bear arms is denied. Under Wisconsin’s new law, state residents 21 or older who submit $50 to the Justice Department, pass an agency background check […]

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Concealed Carry Myths

Shooting Illustrated online recently posted an excellent article on Concealed Carry Myths. In it, they detail some of biggest myths of concealed carry, and explain the why behind the myth. Myths Discussed Carry Only When Needed Empty Chambers are Happy Chambers Women Should Only Shoot .22s Practice Gun Zen Hand Me Down That Gun I […]

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Federal Tactical HST

Federal Tactical HST ammunition is some pretty amazing stuff. Federal HST is hollow point ammunition designed to provide consistent expansion and optimum penetration for terminal performance. Federal HST has a specially designed hollow point tip that won’t plug while passing through a variety of barriers. The bullet is also designed to hold its jacket together […]

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SIG SAUER P938 Preview

Update 3/18/2012 As Andrew helpfully pointed out, this post was previously categorized incorrectly. It has since been fixed, and we changed the title for good measure. In the future, if you see an incorrectly categorized post, a simple post comment or email will do just fine. No need to get all upset. Thanks for stopping […]

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Springfield Armory XD-S

This year at Shot Show 2012, Springfield Armory has introduced a new single stack polymer pistol called the XD-S. The XD-S is the newest addition to the XD line of pistols, but is the first single stack in the line. Initially, the XD-S will be offered in 45 ACP, with .40 S&W and 9mm versions […]

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