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S.P.E.A.R. System

Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Systems joins Dom in Media Lab to discuss the physiology of and your body’s natural reactions to sudden violence. Tony pioneered what is known as the S.P.E.A.R. System, a “behaviorally researched, close quarter personal defense method that utilizes the body’s natural flinches and reactions to fear or violence and then […]

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Shoot, Move, Communicate

I continue to be surprised how much I like Media Lab, the NRA Freestyle show where Dom Raso breaks down Hollywood movie scenes. I’m not much a Hollyweird fan, so honestly I didn’t expect to like Media Lab as much as I do. (more…)

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Media Lab Episode 1

One of the new shows from NRA Freestyle is called Media Lab, and is hosted by Dom Raso. In Media Lab, Dom breaks down Hollywood fight scenes, and discusses which parts are realistic and which parts aren’t. Yesterday episode 1 was released, and it does not disappoint. (more…)

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Dom Raso - Dynamis Alliance

Knee-Jerk Reactions

In the latest NRA News video, Dom Raso from Dynamis Alliance talks about the overzealous media and their tendency to react to tragedy rather than report the story. (more…)

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Dom Raso - NRA News

Our Job

Dom Raso is back in episode 5 of NRA News, and it’s another great message. Dom starts out talking about the recent story out of New Jersey, where police raided the home of Shawn Moore, a firearms instructor, over a photo he posted to Facebook. The photo was his 11-year-old son safely holding a legally […]

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Dom Raso

Dom Raso for NRA News

Dom Raso, a former Navy SEAL, is one of the new NRA News commentators along with Mr. Colion Noir and Natalie Foster from Girls Guide to Guns. Up until today, we’ve seen solo news contributions from Colion, but not Dom or Natalie. Well today, the NRA released Dom’s first solo video, and it’s a good one. […]

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