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Texas Custom Guns AR-15s

It seems like there are more and more companies diving into the AR-15 market these days. This is great for consumers because we have more choices and competition drives each company to make sure they are making quality products for us at competitive prices. The problem comes with choosing which rifle to buy. If you […]

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What’s in the Box Contest

Since our last what’s in the box contest seemed popular, I thought we’d play again. Last Friday I went to see my buddy Lonnie at Texas Custom Guns, and I came home with a new Glock and a set of four AR500 ballistic plates, so it’s that time again.

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Texas Custom Guns Cerakote

About a month ago, I sent one of my Smith & Wesson M&P’s to V&C Industries to be Cerakoted, and I was so impressed with the results that I decided I needed more cowbell Cerakoting. Around the time that my M&P came back from V&C Industries, I discovered Texas Custom Guns. As I mentioned in my […]

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