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Closed Minds Hurt Freedom

I’m all for individual liberty but… I love it when a self-proclaimed freedom-lover makes a statement like that.  I love it because it immediately tells me that they in fact are not someone who loves freedom; they just love the idea of THEIR freedom and that of like-minded folks.

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Rob Pincus for the NRA Board of Directors

Rob Pincus recently announced that he was running for the 76th Seat on the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors. Since then, Rob has been asked to clarify his positions on several topics that matter to those of us who believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Here’s a brief analysis of where Rob […]

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Oklahoma Open Carry Bill Filed

Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm filed Senate Bill 1473, a bill that would allow citizens over the age of 18 to open carry loaded or unloaded guns without a license for hunting and target shooting. The bill is making headlines, not because it’s particularly unique, or that it significantly promotes gun rights, but because of its […]

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LEO Perspective on Open Carry

Editor’s Note: As a follow up on our recent open carry discussion, I asked Aaron Cowan, the Lead Instructor for Sage Dynamics and law enforcement officer to comment on open carry from a pro-liberty LEO perspective. I hope that this time around we can have a more intelligent debate on the topic without people jumping […]

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Open Carry Demonstrators

Update 11:15 PM EST This post generated more discussion (and more hate) than I thought it would, and one of the guys in the video below contacted me on Facebook to share his side of the story. He assured me that he and his friend do this all the time and that there was no […]

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The Truth About Texas Gun Laws

Regular readers of Monderno probably know that I live in Texas, but I haven’t always lived here. We moved here three years ago because of my wife’s job, and I can honestly say that I love most things about Texas. Really there’s a lot to love – the people first and foremost, the economy which […]

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Starbucks Appreciation Day

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012, anti-gun wingnuts will be boycotting Starbucks for its decision to allow legal handgun carry in their stores. In response, Joe Huffman came up with the idea (at least I think it was his idea?) of making February 14th Starbucks Appreciation Day. You can read more about it on Even […]

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