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Performance Walls

Aaron Cowan recently addressed what I feel is an interesting topic: performance walls, or barriers that prevent us from learning something new, and in the context of training.

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Center Mass in a Three-Dimensional World

What is Center Mass?  The generally accepted definition is “center of the chest.”  This is usually denoted on a target by an X score ring or similar point of aim to aid in training.  Unfortunately, this is wrong insofar as reality is concerned (and we should always be concerned with reality).  Center Mass is the […]

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Active Shooter Citizen Response

Over a year ago and after serious consideration, I finally decided to put together a course I had been thinking of.  At that point, I had been an active shooter response instructor for law enforcement/military for some time and was well into using a Single Officer Response to an Active Shooter program I had designed […]

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Fundamentals of Low Light Part 1

Of all the techniques that I would consider the most critical, low-light training is perhaps the most neglected.  The main reason for this is usually lack of a range which will facilitate low-light live fire and the general prohibitive cost for those on a budget to attend a low-light specific course.  Because of these factors, […]

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Handgun Iron Sights vs Reflex Optic Part 2

In handgun iron sights vs reflex optic part 1, Aaron compared accuracy and speed from 3, 5 and 7 yards. Well he’s back with part 2, and this time he’s shooting from 10, 15 and 20 yards, as well as a transitional drill on a 6 plate speed rack. Is a reflex sight faster or […]

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