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I was disappointed recently when reading an article promoted by pro-gun people about a conceal carry permit holder and how he saved the day.  The saving the day part is fine; it’s wonderful.  The fact that the concealed carrier admitted he never had any intention of pressing the trigger to stop the bad guys is […]

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One Hand Shooting Skills

Do you train to shoot one handed? What about with your support hand? If you carry a gun, one hand shooting skills are extremely important to develop for a lot of reasons, and it’s something most of us don’t work on nearly enough.

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Experts and Experts

Video can make you think you know more than you really do. Cameras have become more commonplace in the world; technology has seen that cameras get smaller, cheaper and the quality of video has dramatically improved to the point that World Star Hip Hop is close to being High Definition footage, yet the local news […]

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Appendix Carry Draw

For several reasons, I prefer to carry concealed in the appendix position. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s what works best for me when concealment is necessary. If you’re new to appendix carry, or just curious about the carry method, this video from Reid Henrichs shows how the appendix carry draw varies from […]

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Support-Side – Do It Now!

Take it from an old partisan, learn to shoot left-handed! – Russian survivor of the siege of Leningrad I don’t know about all of you, but my support-side shooting sucks. I practice it, just not nearly enough. However, we run support-side drills regularly in our courses, and I encourage my students to spend a portion […]

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Pelvic Shooting, the Best Worst Option

Let’s talk about terminal ballistics and the intentional targeting of the pelvis. This is a topic that has been around for a long time, though has recently experienced a resurgence in interest from the self-defense community as a preferable point of aim for self-defense, sometimes over more medically vulnerable parts of the body.  Using just […]

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Optics for Home Defense

Aaron from Sage Dynamics discusses optic choices for both the handgun and rifle for home defense with Allan from Georgia Optics. Good discussion that shows many different options and briefly discusses features as well as some pros and cons of each.

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The Whole Person Concept: “a.k.a. Get Real”

I cannot count the amount of times that I have seen folks on net-wisdom forums or on the bookface make the statement that since they “carry a gun for self-defense, they do not need to do anything else to keep themselves safe.” (This is the part when you should 1. Pour something good to drink. […]

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Experience Counts

There are literally hundreds of reputable firearms instructors promoting their services on the internet as you read this and if you are reading it on a weekend, just as many running classes.  Videos are being filmed, some uploaded to YouTube and a few of us are pecking away at keyboards to get information and/or opinion […]

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