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HighCom Security Trooper ACAP

In today’s world of mass shootings and terrorist attacks, an increasing number of people are looking to be prepared for such an event. Weapons and training should play a central role in that preparation, but so should gear. As threats have evolved so has the approach to being prepared – enter the plate carrier. Plates […]

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G-Code Scorpion Mag Pouches

There are a lot of ways to carry spare magazines these days, both rifle and pistol. When choosing a mag pouch/carrier for your rifle or pistol mags, there are basically two approaches. You can get pouches made specifically for your mags, like from a custom Kydex shop, or you can get “universal” pouches that will […]

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Blauer ArmorSkin TacVest

Back when I was a uniformed patrol officer, I wore my concealable soft armor underneath my uniform, like many cops still do.  It can be extremely uncomfortable and gets warm very quickly.  I remember being drenched in sweat after a foot chase or wrestling match with a suspect, then having to sit in front of […]

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Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter

There are a lot of criticisms about the AR-15/M4 platform of weapons.  Some say the .223/5.56 round is for weenies.  Others claim the direct impingement gas system is dirty and results in reliability problems.  Regardless of the level of validity in these complaints, it cannot be argued that the AR-15 rifle is one of the […]

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Iron Forged Concepts SARA

In recent years, advancements in helmet technology for tactical applications have shown tremendous progress.  Instead of having to strap a Kevlar bucket to your head and having it flop around, putting stress on your neck, we have helmets like the Ops-Core FAST helmet or the AirFrame by Crye Precision.  These helmets are lightweight, stable, and […]

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BFT01-G Tactical Tomahawk

It seems like forever ago that I did my first Hardcore Hardware tool review; running their LFT01 Tomahawk through its paces and finding that HHA knows how to make a tomahawk.  Since then I’ve abused a few of their fixed blade knives and continue to be impressed by their durability and quality.  Well, HHA sent […]

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Gun Craft Krypto

The search for the perfect holster never ends.  I think this is very true because the idea of the perfect holster is different for everyone based on needs, wants, body type, firearm and method of carry (to name a few differences).  I find myself always looking for the next best thing, even though everything that […]

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KEY-BAR Key Organizer

I hate keys.  Having to carry a ring of 10-15 keys around in my pocket in whatever configuration has always bothered me, almost as much as seeing the keyring of a man or woman who bought every cute saying acrylic keyring at Spencer’s Gifts or Hot Topic.  I often feel sorry for the ignitions of […]

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