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KEY-BAR Key Organizer

I hate keys.  Having to carry a ring of 10-15 keys around in my pocket in whatever configuration has always bothered me, almost as much as seeing the keyring of a man or woman who bought every cute saying acrylic keyring at Spencer’s Gifts or Hot Topic.  I often feel sorry for the ignitions of […]

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Griffin Armament QD Blast Shield

Muzzle devices have as much flavor as any other accessory for the AR family of rifles and with good reason.  With muzzle velocities in the  sub 2500 to near 3000 FPS range depending on barrel length, there is a great deal of concussive pressure leaving the barrel with each round and that force has been […]

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SpyTec Inventio-HD Pro Video Glasses

A little over a year ago I reviewed a pair of the original Inventio-HD video glasses.  If you read that review you’ll see that overall I thought the glasses were a good option for recording sports/action video without the bulk of a GoPro or similar recording device.  There were some things that I didn’t like […]

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S3F Solutions Glock Barrel

S3F Solutions decided to include me in their testing and evaluation of their new Glock barrels.  After Paul Van Dunk of Pace Performance ran the test barrel for a few weeks, it was sent over to me.   The barrel I received was a stainless steel MPC Glock 17 profile barrel threaded for a suppressor.  It […]

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Blauer Clash LT Boot

I’m not much of a boot fan.  I’ve been wearing them almost all of my professional life, but I prefer a low ankle athletic design over a high collar boot any day of the week.  Boots do serve a purpose; they protect the foot and ankle better than a low cut shoe but they give […]

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