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Rob Pincus on the Springfield XD-S 9mm

I’ve been interested in giving the Springfield XD-S a more thorough run ever since I shot the 9mm version at SHOT Show. My initial impressions were that I liked everything about the pistol, except the grip safety (not a fan). Other than that, it seemed like another worthy competitor in the single stack 9mm pistol […]

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Smith & Wesson Shield 5K Rounds

Matt from Down Range Firearm Training recently purchased a second M&P Shield. In the video below, he talks about some of the changes he made to the pistol, including some work done by Lou at Business End Customs. What I found particularly interesting is that Matt now has 5,000 flawless rounds through his first M&P […]

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Smith & Wesson Shield Failure Update 2

A little over a month ago I reported a rather unusual failure with my Smith & Wesson Shield. After determining that there was nothing wrong with the ammunition, I decided to send it to Smith & Wesson in the odd chance that something was off with the pistol. A little over three weeks later, the […]

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Smith & Wesson Shield Failure Update

Smith and Wesson Shield pictured above in a Theis leather/Kydex IWB holster. A week ago I reported a rather strange failure that I had with my Smith & Wesson Shield and I wanted to post a quick update. The week long delay was due to me not being able to find my micrometer, probably in a […]

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Appendix Carry Update

Several months back, I decided to give appendix carry a try. Many of you have asked how this is going, so I decided to post an update. Since trying and liking appendix carry, it’s been my primary carry position and I honestly don’t see that changing anytime soon. For me, carrying AIWB took some getting used […]

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Lessons Learned from a Primary Gun Failure

As discussed in my Summer EDC post, ever since the thermometer got above 90 degrees here in Houston, I’ve been carrying my Smith & Wesson Shield 9. Some referred to this as “gunning down” for the summer. Perhaps they are right, but a small gun is pretty much a necessity for me in this heat, […]

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Smith & Wesson Shield Failure

I was finishing up my testing of the FNH FNS-9 at the range yesterday, and decided to put another 100 rounds through my Smith & Wesson Shield before packing up and heading home. I like to shoot in round number increments on test guns so that I can more easily keep track of my round […]

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Gunway 2-Gun Giveaway

One of my daily reads these days is Gunway. Gunway is a fairly new website, and is kind of like Pinterest meets Quora, but specifically for the gun community. So that in and of itself makes Gunway worth checking out if you haven’t done so already. Besides, all the cool kids are doing it. Still need […]

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Summer EDC

The calendar says that Summer is almost upon us, but here in Houston, I’m not fooled – Summer has been here for about a month now. Summer of course means hotter temperatures, and when possible, fewer layers and less clothing. For those of us who carry concealed, fewer layers and less clothing means we have […]

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