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Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus for the NRA Board of Directors

Rob Pincus recently announced that he was running for the 76th Seat on the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors. Since then, Rob has been asked to clarify his positions on several topics that matter to those of us who believe in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Here’s a brief analysis of where Rob […]

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Caracal CP660

What’s Going on at Caracal?

Caracal had a bumpy ride in 2013. In March, Caracal issued a recall on a limited number of C model pistols, and then in September, Caracal issued a complete recall of the C model. No fixes, just a refund. (more…)

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Guns in Kids’ Bedroom

If you haven’t heard by now, Rob Pincus from I.C.E. Training caused quite the stir among the anti-gun crowd recently. Rob was one of the featured speakers at the 142nd NRA Annual Meeting in Houston last weekend, where he spoke on home defense. In his talk, he made the unusual suggestion that if you have kids […]

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I.C.E. Training Joins Sheepdog Seminars

I heard over the weekend that starting next month, I.C.E. Training is joining the Sheepdog Seminars team. Combat Focus Shooting Instructors will be present at all Sheepdog Seminar events around the country offering training materials and discussing the I.C.E. philosophy with attendees. (more…)

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Claw EMS

Claw EMS Rear Sight

A few months back my buddy Matt from Down Range Firearms Training made a YouTube video about the new Claw EMS rear sight. After watching, I was interested and decided to get one in to test. I’ve had a Claw rear sight on my Glock 19 for a few months now, and I can tell you […]

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