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INFORCE WML Lumen Upgrade

If you read Monderno you’ve heard a lot about INFORCE, and for good reason – they make great products. One such product is the Weapon Mounted Light (WML), which we reviewed last year. At the time, the WML put out 125 lumens, which in my opinion was adequate for most indoor applications, but left some […]

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The Lumen Debate

Back in April I talked about the great ammo debate and how bigger does not always equal better.  Today I am going to jump into another debate of a similar comparison, only this time I am talking lumens and flashlights and not caliber choice.

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INFORCE APL now in Flat Dark Earth

My favorite handgun light is the INFORCE APL. I think it’s the best combination of price and performance, and I love the ergonomics and the operating system. The only downside for some is that, before today, it only came in one color: black, which is more of a graphite grey/smoke black that I really like. […]

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A while back I reviewed the INFORCE WML, a lightweight, polymer body weapon light that attaches to a rifle, carbine or shotgun. The short version of that review is that I was, and continue to be, very impressed. I actually run a WML on all of my carbines now, and I’ve even used them hog […]

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INFORCE Auto Pistol Light

The image above comes from the INFORCE Facebook Page. Yesterday we reviewed the excellent INFORCE Weapon Mounted Light (WML), and in that review told you that the folks at INFORCE were reportedly coming out with a pistol version as well. Well yesterday, as if on cue, INFORCE dropped a press release on their Facebook Page […]

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INFORCE WML White Light Momentary

Earlier this year, INFORCE released a momentary only version of their weapon mounted light (WML), and I ordered a white light only version in black to mount on my AR. If you’re not familiar with the INFORCE WML, as the name suggests, it’s a light that attaches to your rail using INFORCE’s patent pending clamp system, […]

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