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The Boston Marathon Bombing, One Year Later

As with most significant tragedies, certain details and images stick with you. A year ago, my hometown came under attack – a terrorist attack to be exact. On April 15, 2013, 264 people were injured, and three were killed during one of the largest yearly events in Massachusetts, the Boston Marathon. I remember the images […]

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Amazon’s Hypocritical Anti-Gun Policies

I’ve long been a big fan of Amazon. I have a Prime membership that I use all the time, and over the years I’ve spent a lot of money on Amazon. While I’ve always known that Amazon didn’t allow firearms to be sold or advertised on their platform, what I didn’t know until recently is […]

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One Cop’s Perspective on the “Militarization of Police”

Editor’s Note: We hear a lot about the militarization of police these days, from rational evaluation of police purchases (does our local police department really need an armored vehicle?) to full on tinfoil hat psychosis and everything in between. While there’s no denying that America’s police are more and more adapting the “weapons and tactics of war,” the […]

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(More) Remington R51 Problems

Another YouTube video of the Remington R51, and it again doesn’t look good for this pistol. You might recall the R51 video I recently shared from Military Arms Channel where Tim showed an R51 that had several quality control issues. Well here’s another video from a guy that goes by the YouTube name TacticalExistence - spoiler, more […]

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Taurus PT 24/7 Fires Without Pulling Trigger

Taurus is one of those manufacturers that people seem to either love or hate with very little room for middle ground (ok, they’re all pretty much that way). Having said that, whether you love Taurus or hate them, you might find this video interesting, especially if you own a Taurus PT 24/7.

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Remington R51 Problems

My first impressions of the Remington R51 weren’t all that positive, but I was hoping that once the guns started shipping that they would magically turn out to be great. So far, it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case. 

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Gen3 Glock 19 Malfunction

A Case for Backup Guns

I read an article today on Daily Caller about backup guns that I thought was interesting. The article starts off by describing an incident where a police officer was killed after sustaining a gunshot wound in his dominant arm:

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