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Closed Minds Hurt Freedom

I’m all for individual liberty but… I love it when a self-proclaimed freedom-lover makes a statement like that.  I love it because it immediately tells me that they in fact are not someone who loves freedom; they just love the idea of THEIR freedom and that of like-minded folks.

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Open Letter to Michigan State Senator Mike Green

Dear Senator Green, My name is Erik Utrecht and I am a resident of the state of Michigan born and raised in Kalamazoo. I am a decorated Air Force combat veteran and I spent nearly a decade of my life in service to his country as a military law enforcement officer and instructor. I had […]

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Canik TP9 SA Safety Concern

I recently purchased a Canik TP9 SA for review after hearing how great the pistol is, especially considering the price point (I paid just over $300 for mine). The TP9 SA is made in Turkey and imported by Century Arms for the US market. My initial impressions were very positive, so I sent the pistol […]

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Racism Towards a Red Light

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. –Ayn Rand In my last contribution to the decline of Western literature [It’s Not Personal – Police and You] I mentioned that it was the first is a series of articles addressing the national controversy surrounding peace officers and their interaction with the public. My plan in […]

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