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Texas Custom Guns AR-15s

It seems like there are more and more companies diving into the AR-15 market these days. This is great for consumers because we have more choices and competition drives each company to make sure they are making quality products for us at competitive prices. The problem comes with choosing which rifle to buy. If you […]

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Tiny Dancer

Building Tiny Dancer on a Budget

The firearms industry is currently a buyer’s market. Whether that’s a good thing overall for the market is debatable, but what isn’t debatable is that prices are pretty good right now. Especially if you’re in the market for AR-15 components. (more…)

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AR-15 Barrel Length & Twist Rate

Nate “Magic” Murr of Gripstop and Breach Bang Clear fame talks AR-15 barrel length and twist rate. Should you go with a 14.5″, 16″, or 18″ barrel for your next build? What about barrel twist rate? When is one twist rate better over another? (more…)

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AR Parts Finder

Welcome AR Parts Finder

Today I’d like to welcome our newest advertising partner, does exactly what you think it does: it helps you find parts for your AR-15, fast. As mentioned in our Free Gun Search post, using Google Shopping to find pricing and availability of firearms, parts and accessories isn’t a great option anymore. So if […]

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Why Do You Need an Assault Rifle?

This is a question that has been asked a lot since the Sandy Hook school shooting, and I have a simple, common sense answer to share with you today. First though, let’s be clear. The guns that are being talked about, like the Bushmaster AR-15 allegedly used in the Connecticut school shooting, are NOT assault […]

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Monderno Logo

AR-15 Build for The Descendants of Sparta

Yesterday we floated the idea of using the 2 Vets Arms Spartan Lower we purchased to build a rifle for a drawing to benefit The Descendants of Sparta. Well today we are pleased to announce that the project is officially a go. Here is the current build line-up of donations and sponsors. Part/Service Manufacturer Donated By […]

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2 Vets Arms Company Spartan Lower

AR-15 Build recently had a story about new Spartan AR-15 lower receivers from 2 Vets Arms Company in Oklahoma. These Spartan Lowers were created to raise funds and awareness for The Descendants of Sparta, a nonprofit organization with a goal of reducing veteran unemployment, veteran homelessness and eliminating veteran suicide. I purchased one of these lowers, now the […]

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Cerakote AR15

Texas Custom Guns Cerakote

About a month ago, I sent one of my Smith & Wesson M&P’s to V&C Industries to be Cerakoted, and I was so impressed with the results that I decided I needed more cowbell Cerakoting. Around the time that my M&P came back from V&C Industries, I discovered Texas Custom Guns. As I mentioned in my […]

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