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Houston’s Armed Citizen Project

Some cities are conducting gun buy-backs in a foolish attempt to curb gun violence, but not so in Houston, TX. Instead, the Armed Citizen Project is taking an altogether different approach here, and is giving away free shotguns and training in high crime neighborhoods.

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Texas Firearms Protection Act

Don’t mess with Texas. In response to the anti-Second Amendment proposals being debated in Washington, Texas State Representative Steve Toth has begun the process to file legislation that would make any federal law banning semiautomatic firearms or limiting magazine capacity unenforceable within the state’s boundaries.

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Sheriffs Are Taking a Stand

All across the country, sheriffs are taking a stand on gun control. We saw it recently in Utah, and now again in Texas, where the latest sheriff to take a hard line stance on gun control is Collin County Sheriff Terry Box.

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God Bless Texas

With all the talk of banning guns, tightening regulations, and the President going it alone with Executive Order, it’s nice to hear stories like this one. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said in a recent interview that he would go to court to block any attempts to restrict our right to keep and bear arms.

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The Truth About Texas Gun Laws

Regular readers of Monderno probably know that I live in Texas, but I haven’t always lived here. We moved here three years ago because of my wife’s job, and I can honestly say that I love most things about Texas. Really there’s a lot to love – the people first and foremost, the economy which […]

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