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Today I would like to formally welcome GUNSTRUCTION as our newest advertiser here on Monderno. If you’re into rifles, specifically the AR15, and you’re not already familiar with GUNSTRUCTION, you’re really missing out. GUNSTRUCTION is a build and customization tool that allows the user to prototype AR15 builds using real world parts in 3D.

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Drone Survival Guide

Yesterday on SPLOID, the Gizmodo spin-off blog, they reported on a different kind of survival guide – a drone survival guide (DSG). When I first saw the DSG, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but after giving it some thought I decided it was worth passing along. 

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Gun Log SPC

As ammunition is starting to become more readily available and the prices are beginning to stabilize, firearms owners should hopefully be able to start hitting the range more and not having to worry about using up irreplaceable ammunition. If you spend a lot of time at the range and like to document every aspect of […]

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Firearms Inventory with My Gun DB

A couple weeks ago, Brandon asked me to kick the tires on a firearms inventory program called My Gun DB. I have not met or talked with the developers of the software because when I assess things like this, I like to do it with an open mind and not have any input on their […]

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