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Review Policies

We test and evaluate a lot of different gear on Monderno, from guns and knives to software and services, and quite a bit in between. Here are some general guidelines we follow when conducting those reviews.

T&E Length

The length of the test period will vary depending on what’s being tested, what’s currently in queue, etc. In most cases the T&E period will be long enough that we can have a good idea how the product will hold up well over time. This length is sometimes dictated by the manufacturer, where we only have the product for a certain amount of time, but as a general rule we write the review when we’re good and ready. In the event that a product must be sent back to the manufacturer prior to us getting what we feel is the proper amount of time to vet said product, then no written review will be published.

Free Products/Services

Occasionally we get free products or services to evaluate on Monderno, however this does not constitute preferential treatment in any way. In fact, we regularly pass on evaluation of products that we have received free of charge for one reason or another.

Negative Reviews

You will rarely see a negative review on Monderno. The reason for this is simple: if we don’t love the product or service, or at least like it enough to recommend, it’s not worth our time. We have a limited amount of time, so we’d rather use it focusing on stuff that we like.

Exceptions are if a product is dangerous or an obvious ripoff. A product simply not working for us does not mean that we will write a negative review on the product. In most cases we contact the manufacturer to give them feedback, and that’s the end of it.

Beta Testing

We are frequently contacted by manufacturers to beta test products to provide real world feedback on design. This testing does not always end in a formal evaluation.

Thank you for visiting Monderno.

-Brandon, Editor