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Glock Tease

Glock teased us today by releasing the following image on their Facebook page. It appears that Glock will be releasing or announcing a new pistol at the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN. Let the speculation begin.

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Agency Arms Field Edition Glock

The Glock handgun; easily recognizable, prolific, accurate and dependable.  In use by as much as 60% of law enforcement, Glock has become one of the most popular and venerable handguns to fill many roles at once; every day carry self-defense, police and military sidearm, competition pistol and range toy.  It’s hard to go anywhere around […]

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S3F Solutions Glock Barrel

S3F Solutions decided to include me in their testing and evaluation of their new Glock barrels.  After Paul Van Dunk of Pace Performance ran the test barrel for a few weeks, it was sent over to me.   The barrel I received was a stainless steel MPC Glock 17 profile barrel threaded for a suppressor.  It […]

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Unity Tactical ATOM

Handguns are the staple self-defense tool for nearly every single person reading this article. As much as we may want to have a rifle on hand in the event of an attack, it’s impractical and unlikely. Because of this, handgun technology has continued to improve at a steady pace, ammunition, metals and polymers, sights, triggers, […]

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Glock 42 Leaked?

In the past few weeks the forums and gun blogs have been buzzing with talk of two new Glock pistols to be announced next month (January), presumably at SHOT Show: the Glock 41 and 42. It looks like we now know what the Glock 42 is thanks to leaked images – a single-stack .380.

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All Guns Malfunction

Yesterday, I shared a rare but interesting malfunction reported firsthand by Fortress Defense instructor Frank Sharpe, and to say that some feathers were ruffled would be putting it mildly. Predictably, experts from all over were quick to point out that it was operator error (read you’re doing it wrong), there were claims that it was […]

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Glock Grip Plugs – Good or Bad?

There are about a bazillion aftermarket parts and accessories available for Glock pistols. Some folks will tell you that you don’t need any of them, others will swear by product X or Y. One of the more popular Glock modifications that people make is to install a grip plug. But is this really a good […]

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Snake Hound Machine Glock Package

I’ve been meaning to write about the new Glock Package from Snake Hound Machine for a couple days now, but the forces of evil have conspired against me (ok, I’ve been swamped). Not to worry, because my buddy Brad writes for KitUp!, and well, he did all the hard work already so here you go. After Snake Hound […]

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