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2014 NRA AM

The 2014 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits (NRA AM) starts in a couple days, and I will be making the trip to Indianapolis to attend.

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Senator Harry Reid: Bundy Ranch Battle Is Not Over

Hopefully you’ve been paying close attention to the Bundy Ranch situation, as the potential fallout could be far-reaching, especially if the situation escalates. If you haven’t been paying attention, it’s time to get caught up. The short version is that government officials retreated over the weekend, but that the fight is far from over. Enter […]

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Eric Holder and Smart Guns

By now you’ve probably seen the headlines that Eric Holder wants gun owners to wear gun tracking bracelets. Your first reaction might be to laugh off Mr. Holder’s statements as a pipe dream at best (and who could blame you?), but in my estimation, that might be a bit hasty.

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Compliance Edge Introduces the Vendetta II

Compliance Edge is a small custom knife shop located in San Jose, CA, where owner and knife maker Yoni Wunderman makes some pretty amazing knives 100% by hand. I found Compliance Edge on Instagram a while back and started following Yoni’s work, and I’m glad I did. Several Compliance Edge knife designs caught my eye, […]

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