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Black Center Tactical Kydex

When I left the kydex holster making business 2 years ago, kydex color choices were pretty extensive, as long as you liked black, OD, and Coyote.  Fast-forward 24 months and these days pretty much anything is fair game on the color wheel.  The customization that we’ve seen, especially in the last year, has been explosive […]

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Vehicle Carry with the G-Code OSH RTI

Recently, I was approached by a new CHL holder and asked how I carried in the car.  She mentioned that she wanted to have a way to access her gun faster if she needed it in an emergency.  When I asked the details of her typical in-car trip, she carried in her purse, which was […]

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Forest City Tactical Kydex Holster

Clearly, we at Monderno love kydex.  Lots and lots of kydex.  There is a common saying in the industry that “kydex is kydex”.  There is a lot of truth in that.  There are probably 120+ companies making kydex holsters out there, in varying degrees of quality.  Most, you’ve probably never heard of.  We were recently […]

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Carry nirvana.  I think we all are looking for it.  You know, that “it gun” that carries really well and shoots even better, the one with the least amount of compromises.  This is where one finds an enormous amount of dissension in the firearms community.  1911 guys vs polymer, Glock vs M&P, Sig vs HK, Ford vs […]

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Why Do You Carry?

Today we welcome Paul as a new contributor to Monderno. Paul has in the past helped out behind the scenes from time to time, and today marks his first post. Paul is a longtime gun owner, has worked in the industry for a well-known holster maker, and will contribute both reviews and opinion pieces to […]

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