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2 Vets Arms Ranger Rifle

Call me biased, but I think the folks at 2 Vets Arms are pretty awesome. Not only do they build some great rifles, but they are great people as well who believe in helping others and giving back in many different ways. One such way is the through annual donations to the Ranger Association.

This year, 2VA is donating a custom 2VA 5.56 SOPMOD rifle (pictured below) with a few extras thrown in.

2VA Ranger Rifle

2VA Ranger Rifle



Upper Receiver 2 Vets Arms 7075 T6 billet side charged
Lower Receiver 2 Vets 7075 forged
Barrel 16” 416R stainless steel match barrel with mid length gas block 1/9 twist
Hand guard YHM Specter quad rail
Stock B5 SOPMOD Alpha
Grip BCM Gunfighter grip


2VA Ranger Rifle

2VA Ranger Rifle

One of our goals with 2 Vets Arms is to be able to give back where we can, to those still serving in our Military today. Our brothers and sisters in arms, who have picked up the torch from those before them, and continue to carry freedom forward. While we have several ways to help give back, one of our annual donations is to the US Army Ranger Association. Their stated goals are as follows:

  • To preserve the heritage and spirit of the U.S. Army Rangers by strengthening the relationship among all U.S. Army Rangers (past, present, and future).
  • To foster camaraderie among those who have earned the title, U.S. Army Ranger.
  • To provide an extended community for all U.S. Army Rangers and all U.S. Army Ranger families.
  • To commemorate fittingly the memory of all U.S. Army Rangers who have given, or will give, their lives in defense of freedom.
  • To encourage and to assist in the preservation, protection, and recording of the history, documents, artifacts, memorabilia, personal recollections and accounts, characterizations of past Rangers, research, incidents, and origins of the American military Ranger.
  • To encourage the continued high standards of excellence in leadership training, overall esprit, professional competence, and equipment for U.S. Army Rangers.

We can all agree that “Rangers Lead The Way!” and we are donating our newest design, the 2VA556SOPMOD with custom RANGER tab cerakoted on the lower receiver to be donated at the Annual Ranger Muster, at Ft Benning, GA the week of 21 July 2013.

-Dean and Amber, 2 Vets Arms

In addition to the 5.56 SOPMOD rifle, 2VA is also donating a Pelican case, an INFORCE WML and Dark Angel Medical D.A.R.K. It’s great to see a company put so much emphasis on giving back, and I think it’s an example I think we can all learn from.

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  1. Jake June 28, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

    Nice build Dean and Amber, and thanks for being awesome! RLTW!