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Bill Kramer Carries Glock 26 in Assembly

In November of 2011, Wisconsin became the 49th state in the United States to issue concealed carry permits to its citizens, leaving only Illinois where the right to keep and bear arms is denied. Under Wisconsin’s new law, state residents 21 or older who submit $50 to the Justice Department, pass an agency background check and prove they have received some firearms training can obtain a permit to carry. Check out for more details on the Wisconsin permit process.

Part of me wants to say “what took you so long?” and the other part of me wants to rant that we even need a permit in the first place, but such is the current state of things.

We are now hearing from the Associated Press that Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer carries a Glock 26 while presiding over the chamber, and I think this is fantastic. I am often very hard on politicians on both sides of the aisle because, let’s face it, they often deserve it. But credit where credit is due.

Mr. Kramer should be commended on his choice to protect himself and those around him. When asked why he carries, he had the following to say.

[blockquote cite=”Associated Press”]”Have you been in the Capitol lately?” Kramer said. “The saying is you don’t need a gun until you need it. I hope I go to my grave having never fired at anything but a paper target.”[/blockquote]
I couldn’t agree more. As of this morning, the political left was already flaming Mr. Kramer for his choice to concealed carry. So if you have a minute, head on over to the state legislature’s website for his contact information, and let him know you support his decision.

You can read the full story here.

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