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I was disappointed recently when reading an article promoted by pro-gun people about a conceal carry permit holder and how he saved the day.  The saving the day part is fine; it’s wonderful.  The fact that the concealed carrier admitted he never had any intention of pressing the trigger to stop the bad guys is […]

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How Prepared Are Your Kids?

As an experienced martial arts instructor I invest a substantial amount of time working with kids. I take what I do very seriously knowing that what I teach may save a child’s life someday, or enable them to better handle situations they may find themselves in.

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2013 Sniper Adventure Challenge

Looking for a challenge? How does 24-40 hrs of continuous physical and mental endurance testing sound to you? Add to that, some 30-40 miles of foot/land navigation? Awesome, and a little intimidating, right? Well, that’s what I thought when I first heard about the Sniper Adventure Challenge (SAC) Endurance class hosted by Competition Dynamics – […]

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