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Trek’s Trek: Ride to Honor Brian Terry

Last summer, my buddy Trek did something pretty amazing: he pedaled over 2,000 miles across the US to raise funds and awareness for the Brian Terry Foundation. This is his story of pain, corn, and honor.

As I take a short hiatus from all things, “bicycle,” I am ecstatic to report that with the help of so many great friends and colleagues we are continuing our fundraising where “Trek’s Trek” left off.

On 22 January, we will be holding a silent auction at the ATEi/Dark Angel Medical/American Defense Manufacturing ‘Danger Zone’ party in Las Vegas (SHOT Show) where lots of amazing and one-of-a-kind items will be auctioned off both at the party AND on Instagram (@Trekstrek) where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Brian Terry Foundation.

If you want to participate, head on over to IG where sneak-peaks of the items are being posted daily.

Not looking for any new gear? No problem! The Brian Terry Foundation welcomes even the smallest donation so they can keep moving forward on their many missions.

So as we close the door on Trek’s Trek and start preparing for the next amazing event to raise awareness and resources for the BTF, please take a look at this incredible video courtesy of Matt at Firelance Media that encompasses what all of you made so successful.

My very best to you all, Happy New Year!

– Trek

Big thanks to Firelance Media for putting this video together, and once again, well done Trek.

One Response to Trek’s Trek: Ride to Honor Brian Terry

  1. DMAC January 13, 2015 at 5:39 pm #

    It’s hysterical that anti-gun groups try and use the mechanism of government to diminish firearms ownership in our country. They claim in order to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals they have to take firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens. What’s so funny about all this is the tons of irony evident to anyone with the capacity to observe and the cognitive capabilities to assimilate what they see into a picture. These people want to use the government to take guns from The People, a category which they are apart of whether they realize it or not, all the while the government gives guns to the criminals. Those people are oblivious to such exploits and are ignorant to the fact that the call for disarmament is not their own but originates from the government mechanism they lobby to further this agenda. They are unwittingly playing the part the powers that pretend to be want them to. It’s like they’re the butt of a bad joke and don’t even realize it. For shame. I’m thinking that Trek’s Trek is far from being over.